Our Tag

From antenna production to personalization and encoding, Mecstar Srl qualifies as an ideal partner for the production of high quality tags and smart cards. Thanks to decades of experience in the field of ticketing, and investment in research and development, Mecstar Srl has designed and built, for RFID TAG production, all of its equipment and machinery in house and has introduced, at the same time, important technical and production innovations.

With more than 500 million products produced each year, high precision in encoding and printing of variable data is guaranteed, thanks to the use of ad hoc software and hardware, developed and tested after years of industry experience.

All modules fully comply with international standards such as ISO 14443A/B and ISO 15693 for HF technology, and ISO 18000/EPC Gen 2 for UHF.

The innovative features of our Tag make it convenient and reliable. The product, developed by Mecstar Srl, guarantees multi-directionality and excellent performance in high-density conditions. Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, our Tag is deliverable in record time. Various sizes are available: from the card to the self-adhesive label format, with individual or coil tag. It can also be developed according to the customer’s specifications, with an ad hoc format.

Advantages of copper wire

Most of our RFID products are made with an Inlay system (polyester film with a top metal layer of copper or aluminium) where the transmitting antenna is inserted by removing excess material.

The chip’s connection with the rest of the antenna is realized by "crimping", i.e. mechanical pressure applied between two layers of polyester + the metal layer.


To avoid pollution, most inlay products are made in Asia, where pollution controls are less stringent.

Another critical factor is the inflexible production system, which is not suitable for the realization of prototypes or small batches.

Connection via "crimping" is sensitive to the mechanical stresses that these products are often subjected to.


  • Eco-Compatible Products (process, materials used, and few waste products);
  • Greater resistance to thermal shocks;
  • Ability to install antennae on any type of material;
  • Ability to build antennae according to customer specifications (reading distance) as it is easy to modify the antenna’s resonance to compensate for any disturbance caused by elements such as metal, water, etc.;
  • Greater flexibility in the realization of prototypes;
  • Reduced time between the creation of the prototype and the production standard;
  • Ability to handle small batches
  • Increased efficiency and best Q value through the use of copper wire;
  • Improved reliability of the antenna/chip link





Our ability to produce products starting with simple raw materials allows us to build and/or design antennae according to our customer’s needs, rendering the crucial prototype stage extremely simple.

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