Schede Formati



In addition to the magnetic stripe as the electronic ticket’s interface, a barcode can also be added. Mecstar Srl can print online progressive barcodes or encrypted barcodes, those currently used.


We are able to quickly produce high precision magnetic pre-encoded and numbered tickets according to any standard thanks to our collaboration with leading system management manufacturers.


In situations where additional precautions are required to verify the authenticity of the card, a holographic band may be applied with an optimum cost/benefit ratio.

Production variables

  • Use of materials such as thermal, plastic and multilayer paper, with a thickness of up to 0.36 mm
  • Ability to print up to 13 colours
  • Application of magnetic bands by thermal transfer or cold glue
  • Chip pre-encoding
  • Application of continuous or stamp holograms
  • Single, fanfold and roll slicing
  • Progressive numbering
  • Barcode customization
  • Packaging
  • Individual wrapping
  • Copy-protected colours
  • Ink or fluorescent fibre safety, detected by Wood lamp

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